What Makes Computer-delivered IELTS a Better Option in Writing

IELTS Test is the world's most leading English language proficiency test that acts as backend support for anyone to enter into an English speaking country for both study and work. It has been prevalent from the last several years among all the aspirants. However, to make this test more extensive, the CD-IELTS exam, that is, Computer-Delivered International English Language Proficiency Exam was introduced, three years ago. This version of the test allows an applicant to take Reading, Listening, and Writing modules on a computer. Notably, the Speaking session is still a face to face interview as the owners of this test believe that only a real human examiner can understand the expressions of a person during a communication. On the other hand, all the other three sections of this test are attempted on the desktop. Specifically, this test is really very supportive of those students who struggle with the paper-based IELTS Version or find it difficult to write with their hands. Moreover, this test has discovered a great platform for itself in a very short period and is ruling over the world to a great extent. It has adapted to new software and updated technology that makes this test more convenient. 

Furthermore, there are numerous features of the CD-IELTS Exam that also makes this examination very accessible for the students. The primary characteristic of this test is that it presents more test dates & faster results as compared to the IELTS. Normally, an individual gets his or her paper-based IELTS result in 13 days, but it takes only 5-7 days for CD-IELTS to generate and publish your results. Further, the test center, where you give your test is also highly futuristic and one can sense of walking into the future. All the pieces of equipment they use are very fine and the software & rubrics also sustain a friendly interface. This updated technology & well-made types of equipment act as an asset for a student and one feels very comfortable in handling them. Notably, one can get familiar with these high-level arrangements by doing and efficient CD-IELTS Online Practice. Moreover, there is no such difference between both the tests, except for the means they adopt to attempt the questions. All the questions, CD-IELTS Test Format, CD-IELTS Question Types, scoring, timing, and the content is identical for both the types.

On the other hand, the CD-IELTS Exam is quite superior to the old paper IELTS Test as it is proffering several new features to its applicants which are proving very beneficial to them. Likewise, this test is quite distinct from the traditional ones and the difference that it makes to the writing section is very significant. There are several noticeable points of the CD-IELTS Writing Section which makes it better and more convenient than IELTS Writing. You should continue reading this article in order to flip the page & uncover these differences. 

Firstly, the most crucial aspect of this particular test is that typing is quite easy than handwriting for most of the students nowadays. It supports one not to get distracted by the hurting or aching of the hands that may occur by writing for a longer time. If a person is good at typing, he or she must opt for this particular exam as you can save enough time to do proofreading or to plan for your answers efficiently. Also, you need not have to worry about your poor handwriting or a burned-out pencil. Briefly, if a student is quite fast to type up the responses, he or she can preserve much of the provided time that reassures him or her that one can analyze the question, write precisely, and edit it flawlessly. One can also enhance & improve his or her writing speed by doing CD-IELTS Practice as much as they can. In addition to it, you will also find it easy to frame or form the sentences in the CD-IELTS Writing module as there will be no such task of erasing or cutting any written word. On the other hand, if you made any mistake or skipped any word in the traditional IELTS Exam, you will have to add strikethroughs & arrows in your essays as there will be no backspace or cursor to add any phrase in between. As a result, this can make your write up very messy & untidy and will force you to think before you write. Conversely, the computer allows you to go back anywhere between your paragraph and insert or delete anything you want to. This does not spoil the clarity and precision of your essay and description. In this way, it enables you to rewrite & restructure your paragraphs smoothly. 

Additionally, another most imperative and engaging tool of the CD-IELTS Writing examination is the Word Counter. This is the most beneficial device of this specific test as it allows an aspirant to manage the time rather than spending it on counting your written words. Most of the students find it very challenging to write & count their words at the same time, knowing the fact that less or more word limit may affect their scores. Consequently, this nervousness & distraction also affects their coherence and scores adversely. Oppositely, the word counter appears on the screen and it counts & displays the number of words you've written on the screen for you. Furthermore, applicants also get their question prompt in front of them and there is no need for turning back the pages & break the link and concentration. The graph or diagram appears on the top left-hand side of the screen and makes sure that one can constantly keep it in his or her vision and write on the topic cohesively. Now, if the question arises in your mind that how can we make notes in the CD-IELTS Test, there are two good options for this specific purpose also. Initially, every student gets paper & pen before the commencement of the test and you can write any important keyword or phrases on it. On the other hand, one can also highlight or underline the given text or prompt on the screen to put it into the spotlight. Distinctly, the software of CD-IELTS also gives the aspirants accessibility of the help button that elucidates everything to them including the question type, how the test works, or how to use the equipment. Specifically, you can also change the volume and font settings of the text (font size) according to you, in order to prevent any type of strain or exertion.

However, currently, this test is quite restricted & offered in a few countries only as compared to Paper IELTS. But still, as the time will flow, it will take over the world and will command exceedingly. Contradictorily, if you are in that limited zone and want to appear for the Computer Delivered IELTS, then you must be looking for an ideal source for your IELTS Preparation. Although you may have several options, yet IELTS Online is one of the best options to ace this test. Especially, because this test is completely computerized. Thus, you should also do your IELTS Practice Online, on the computer only, to get familiar with the CD-IELTS. You may get a huge stock of CD-IELTS Sample Papers and IELTS Mock Tests on a very substantial website, that is enough and adequate to take you the height that you want. 

Concludingly, if we lay our emphasis on the writing module, it is true that CD-IELTS is way better and convenient for updated students concerning this specific module. Yet one should never overlook accurate research & study of a particular thing before choosing or making a decision.
Posted  December 06, 2019