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  • You surely do want good scores, don't you? Then planning is the key. Plan your study. And we will assist you in planning and organizing your time and materials. Our Test Prep Planner helps you create schedules, select the number of tests you wish to attempt, understand strategies of each module – all according to your convenient available time! A well-planned study leaves nothing to chance. And you taste success right in the first attempt!
  • What stands out in the crowd is the premium content we offer. The tests that are coded as Easy, Moderate and Hard become pathways for stronger preparation. That too as per the latest exam pattern. The real-like interface of FourModules.com ensures you sail through your preparations with additional knowledge and skills.
  • Your tests are evaluated by the experts in this industry. You get your scorecard as real as possible. Your test score is reflective of your planning and further requirements for practice. Question-wise analysis digs deeper into your readiness. So, you are prepared for the best result!
  • You not only get personalized coaching, but you also get further practice to improve your weak areas. Your weak areas are traced through our technology and multiple test performances. You get as many short tests to help you strengthen the weak areas. Regular practice on our platform adds confidence in your attempt that ultimately improves your score.

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Aasna Arora
Aasna is a voracious reader who has understood the nuances of English language through vast reading. She has been in mentoring young students to finetune their skills of communication in writing as well as speaking.
Avinash has been a trainer for the last 08 years. She monitors and mentors large groups of PTE candidates working upon all skills for their better scores. She is actively engaged in imparting coaching to all types of students.
Bryan Medina
Bryan Median is a Venezuela-based CELTA certified IELTS trainer and content developer. He has worked over the years with young students as ESL trainer. He is currently into full-time content development for many International language tests.
Disha Sethi
Disha has been a long time blogger writing on many language-related topics, cultural topics and topics of motivation. She has had a great exposure of working in the IELTS/PTE sector.
Seema Kapoor
Seema is long time trainer and creator of IELTS/PTE content. She has worked extensively with reputed centres that produce brilliant results. She has been an online coach also working very closely with many international students.