PTE Module 3 - Listening

PTE Listening
Listening takes 45 to 55 minutes in the real test and constitutes of 8 types of questions. Like IELTS, all the tracks are played once only. 
The Format
This module is divided into two parts:
Part - 1   • Summarize the spoken text
Part - 2   • Multiple choice questions (Choose Multiple answers)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlight the correct summary
  • Multiple choice ( Choose Single answers)
  • Select missing words
  • Highlight incorrect word
  • Write from dictation

Part 1
Summarize spoken text
A recording of 1-2 minutes will be played, while listening to the audio, the candidate has to jot-down the points being heard and later in the given response time of 10 minutes, a summary of the listened lecture has to be typed in the provided area. There will be 2-3 such lectures and for each lecture, a response time of 10 minutes will be allotted. Each response should have 50 to 70 words. 

Part 2
One aspect about this section which should be kept in mind is the TIME. Like PTE Reading, there would be a uni-timer of 25-35 minutes, instead of an individual timer, hence, manage your speed accordingly.

MCQs (Multiple Answers)
There would be a question with 6-8 options displayed on the screen and a time of 7 seconds will be allotted to read the question. At the end of 7 seconds, a recording will be played, the candidate has to listen to the recording and later choose the correct option or options. More than one option can be selected but keep in mind that if any option is incorrect, 1 mark will be deducted. There are 2-3 such questions. 

Fill in the blanks
A paragraph with a few words missing will be displayed on the screen. There would be recording in which that paragraph would be read word for word. Just listen to the recording carefully and fill in the blanks with the words you listened for that blank. There are 2-3 such questions and each paragraph has 4-6 blanks. 

Highlight the correct summary
Instead of typing a summary, this time the candidate has to choose the correct summary out of the given four options. There are 2-3 such questions

MCQ (Single Answer)
In this question, upon listening to the audio, one right option out of four has to be selected. There will be 2-3 such questions.

Select the missing word
A recording will be played; the last phrase of that lecture will be missing and will be replaced by a Beep sound. Four possible options for the missing phrase will be given on screen and the one right option has to be selected. 2-3 such questions are there in one test.

Highlight incorrect words
A paragraph will appear on screen and a recording of speaker reading the same paragraph word for word will be played. A few words will be misread, those misread words have to highlight by clicking on them with the cursor. There are 2-3 such questions in a test and each paragraph has 4-6 incorrect words.

Write from dictation
The candidate will listen to a sentence, which has to be typed later either same or at least as many as words the candidate may recall. However, you can't paraphrase the sentence or add words on your own. There will be 3-4 such sentences.

Hope it has been helpful for your PTE preparation. Keep the sequence of question types in mind while preparing for the exam. 
Posted  July 02, 2019