PTE Module 2 - Reading

PTE Reading
The second module of the PTE Test is Reading. Unlike IELTS, the reading in PTE doesn't include a lot of reading. There are usually 19-22 questions divided by 5 question types which are to be solved in a collective time of 32-41 minutes as there are no individual timers for each question. The question types are as follows.

• Multiple choice questions (single answers)
• Multiple choice questions (Multiple Answers)
• Re-order the paragraph
• Reading-Fill in the blanks
• Reading & Writing- Fill in the blanks

So let's quickly jump into the details.

1.    Multiple choice questions ( Single Answer)
There will be a passage of 70-90 words on screen besides which a question with four answer options will appear. The candidate has to read the text and choose the correct option. There will be 2-3 such questions on different screens which will have their individual passages. 

2.    Multiple choice questions ( Multiple Answers)
A paragraph of circa 100-120 words will be there on screen and next to it will appear a question with 6 to 8 options. The candidate may choose more than one options upon reading the text. But, BE AWARE OF THE NEGATIVE MARKING!!!!!, if any of the response is incorrect a reward of -1 will be given. There are 2-3 of such questions.

3.    Reorder the paragraph
4-5 disarranged sentences will appear on screen, which are to be arranged in an order to make them a meaningful paragraph. There will be 2-3 such questions and they are very time consuming, hence put extra efforts. 

4.    Reading- Fill in the Blanks
There is a small paragraph on screen with 4-6 blanks which are to be filled with the options given in a box below the text. These are vocabulary based. So work on your vocabulary to do well in this section. There are 4-6 such paragraphs on different screens.

5.    Reading & Writing- Fill in the blanks
This time the basic question type is same i.e. to fill in the blanks but with a twist. The passage is a bit longer than the previous question type and instead of a universal set of options there will be 4 options given fir each blank. These options are either vocabulary based or grammar based. There are 6-7 such passages on different screens.

Unlike the other modules, reading is a bit different, as the questions types will not be in serial order. Sometimes, the reading 7 writing –fill in the blanks will appear first or sometimes the module will start from the MCQs. But, don't be confused just be prepared for any of the two situations. Since the given time is quite less, so you have to manage your time according to the weight-age of question types. Fill in the blanks have more weight-age, so try to save more time for the fill ins, and consume less time on MCQs. Para-jumbles are usually confusing so focus on the cue words, but, don't consume a lot of time on them, be a quick reader. 
Hope it was an informative session for you. Keep on practice.

Posted  July 02, 2019