IELTS Listening Tips: Section 2

IELTS Listening Section 2 tips
Worried about answering questions related to IELTS listening section 2? Let me start with the bad news first which is that this Section will require slightly more focus and attention than the first section. Now before you get discouraged, here is the good news. This section offers audio which is a monologue. This means there will only be one person involved in the conversation. You no longer have to worry about multiple people, their names, gender, etc. This allows you ample time to focus on the topic. The topic by itself is set in an everyday social context. So you are unlikely to witness much technical jargon or difficult words to comprehend answers.
I believe hearing the above may already soothe your nerves as you get to understand and dissimilate the section for an effective score. Read on to understand how you can crack Section 2 by implementing some smart tried and tested tips and tricks.

Underline the question keywords
Section 2 can have various question types including note completion, flow chart, labeling, and even multiple-choice questions. Before the audio starts, take a look at the questions to understand the question type. Make note of some important keywords by underlining/noting them. This will give you an idea of the likely content and what to concentrate on once the audio plays out.  

Answer as you listen
The audio in Section 2 plays out just once so there is a good chance that you may miss the answer or forget it once the audio is over. Glancing at the questions beforehand also allows you to answer as you listen. You can write the answers as and when you hear to avoid this common mistake. 

Skip if you miss an answer
The key is to not get too engrossed in your quest for answers while listening to the audio. The objective should always be to listen to the audio in totality. If you think you may have missed an answer, do not worry. Complete the remaining questions and move on. Focusing on one answer can very well be a starting point of unforced errors for the remaining questions as well. 

Be vigilant, answer smartly and take the clues from the AUDIO
Listening to the audio vigilantly is elementary but this is where many students make the most obvious mistake. Just by listening attentively you can increase your chances of getting all the questions correctly. Focus attentive listening with your mock tests and develop a practice to listen well and answer smartly. If you heard a word being spelled or a number being dictated, it is obvious that the emphasis is on that word or number. Make a mental note as that can give you a massive clue on some of the answers. Also, keep an eye out (an ear actually) as you listen to the audio as the likely answers are more likely to be pronounced more clearly or with a pause. 

By practicing the IELTS Listening Section 2 Mock Tests will allow you ample opportunity to work out ways to implement the above-mentioned tips. Happy Practising!
Posted  September 05, 2019