How To Tackle CELPIP Writing Effectively

CELPIP Writing Test
Writing effectively is one of the most simplistic ways to adjudicate the hold a student has on a language. It is no surprise that CELPIP has a writing test section that evaluates a student in the choice of words and the importance of addressing effective communication. 
Majority of students especially those not having English as their native language find it difficult to comprehend writing a long text and then get evaluated. Like other sections of the CELPIP tests, CELPIP writing needs a specialized focus of attention to ensure the tasks that are accomplished with smart preparations and training. You don't have to be a good and effective writer to get a good score in CELPIP writing tests. You just need to train smarter, be confident and have ample writing practice under the bet to reign in a good to high score. 

CELPIP Writing Test- A sectional overview
For the CELPIP writing test, a student is allocated anywhere between 53 to 60 minutes to answer both the writing tasks.  The breakup of both tasks and questions of the writing test are as listed below:
Number of Questions Component Sections
1 Task 1: Writing an Email
1 Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

5 Tips to crack CELPIP Writing test with ease
1: Know the task types

CELPIP writing test has two distinct test types. The first task type is writing an email while the second task type is to respond to survey questions. Both these text types require specific answers pertaining to the exact test type. For example, in task type 1 or writing an email the writer must cover all essential details that need to be communicated.  This may not be needed in the second task type where a more measured response is needed as per the asked survey questions. A good measure to understand task types and devise content for both is by exercising as much as mock and sample tests as possible. A good list of sample and CELPIP Mock Tests are available here.

2: Have strategies for each task
Have strategies for each task is a great way to ensure you are able to get the maximum chance to a high score in the CELPIP writing test. For task type 1 of writing an email focus must be on introduction including your name, the details pertaining to the communication to be addressed along with any reasons for the communication must be completely addressed. Likewise, clarity on actions that you expect and any timelines along with appropriate conclusion and salutations must be drawn. For task type 2 where you as a student need to answer or respond to survey questions, the focus should be more on complete sentences, use of connectors, use of appropriate qualifiers, appropriate use of vocabulary.

3: Focus on grammar and punctuation​​​​​​​
Being a writing test, the focus must always be on apt use of grammar and punctuation. Any change in grammar mid-way during the communication must be avoided. Email communication is best addressed in a conversational tone rather than a passive tone to ensure apt communication. Test out your grammar and punctuations by reading more content and practicing writing especially using Mock and Sample Tests listed here.

4: Bring variety in vocabulary and coherence​​​​​​​
Bring in variety in vocabulary and coherence as this is one of the scoring essentials for the test. Try and maximize the use of words and vocabulary to put across your point. Do not focus on writing just impressive words but rather have broader use of apt vocabulary to make the communication simple effective yet standout. 

5: Personalize all strategies in sample tests​​​​​​​
Try and test all the above-mentioned strategies using mock and sample tests give you ample confidence when appearing for the real test. A good source of CELPIP mock tests and CELPIP sample tests can be found here.(

Beware! There is no un-scored item
Unlike The CELPIP listening or CELPIP reading sections, the writing section does not contain any un-scored item. This means there is no room to take it easy and everything you write must be measured in accordance with the tasks. Writing smaller or overly longer texts are not fruitful as they can lead to lower evaluation score. Just the right content with the apt world length and enough vocabulary and coherence essentials is what you must focus on. 

CELPIP Writing Practice Tests and Resources​​​​​​​
Mock and sample tests in an exam like scenario are important to bring enough confidence for the writing test. The resource of mock and sample CELPIP tests including CELPIP writing tests listed by FourModules, that offer the perfect training ground for students. What's more! these tests are evaluated by experts and results made available in as little as a 24-48 hours turn-around time which can help you improve and get proactive feedback on areas needed for improvement.
Posted  August 30, 2019