How to choose the right IELTS Listening Practice test

Choose the IELTS Practice Test
Looking for IELTS Listening practice tests online and you are likely to be left with more questions than answers. With multiple sample tests websites each claiming to be the best and popular with students, how does one assess the rightfulness of a sample test? Choosing the right IELTS Listening Practice test is a tough walk indeed, but here are some yardsticks you need to check the sample tests on, before shortlisting the right one that can help you resolve the IELTS listening test dilemma.

Opt for quality over quantity

With multiple test sites offering IELTS sample tests materials, it is important to opt for those offering quality over quantity. A common mistake many students do is to opt for tests that offer more tests at the same price. Know that IELTS sample tests are likely to be the playground where you hone your skills. With low-quality tests, you may save some money but will not help you succeed in ensuring your IELTS scoring goals.

Check if the tests are offering you practice for all question types

IELTS listening comes with various question types for each section. For all-round test preparedness, it is essential to have sample tests that offer ample questions for each such question type. Check with various free tests offerings by the training center or portal. Compare the question types and ensure all question types are covered in test offerings.  A good resource for IELTS Listening test with all question types covered and offering valuable preparation material can be found here.

Ask for a demo

Always make your IELTS sample test purchase after seeking a demo test. Many students get carried away by the promo material or believe the sample tests would be high quality a promised or advertised. Not all IELTS sample tests can qualify to be close to the real test. With a demo test, you would be able to ascertain the difficulty level offered and how well the sample tests can help you prepare for the D day.

Consider tests with multiple accents

Unlike other IELTS tests, the IELTS listening tests come with a listening element where you are listening to audio to gather information and answer the questions. The audio can sound very different depending on the accent of the communicator. For a good sample test preview, ensure your IELTS listening sample tests offer audio with all major accent types covered. A good online resource offering IELTS listening tests covering multiple accents to ensure optimum preparedness are listed here.

Seek Reviews online

Online reviews are not limited to mobile phones and laptops. When looking for an optimum resource for IELTS listening tests, check out reviews for previous students. There is nothing like feedback from the users of the sample tests.

Compare pricing

Pricing is not the only parameter but can play an essential role in choosing the right IELTS listening sample test. Compare pricing with the quality offered to zero down on the best available options.

Hope, it was an informative session for you. Keep on Practice.

Posted  August 27, 2019