Common IELTS Listening Mistakes Busted

Common Mistakes done in Listening by Applicants
The IELTS listening exam comes with its own set of challenges. The challenges can get even more difficult for if you are a non-English speaking native or student. The audio in the section is played out only once and it leaves ample room for mistakes. It may be due to not focusing enough on the audio or not understanding the accent of the speaker or perhaps not implementing the test strategies. 

It is no surprise that IELTS listening continues to be one of the toughest tests for many students. The good news is that by implementing some smart strategies you can totally avoid the common mistakes faced by the majority. So here are some myths busted to ensure IELTS listening is no more as difficult as it may appear to be.

Myth 1: Audio play out can be the time for multitasking
As elementary as it may sound, not many students understand the importance of focusing on the audio. No matter of the audio being played out is a conversation between people or a monologue, listening, gather information and writing answers all at once can be a tough task. The best way to increase focus on audio is to start by listening to talk shows and radio. This way you are always practicing your audio grasping power and enhancing it at the same time. Opting for well-devised IELTS sample tests like the ones available here are also a good strategy to combat audio related difficulty. 

Myth 2: Writing incorrect spellings do not matter
Imagine you do all the hard work of underlining keywords before the audio begins, listen attentively to the audio, shortlist your correct answer but commit a reckless spelling mistake while jotting down the answer. This is a common occurrence in IELTS listening and is best avoided by increasing the focus on correct spelling. A good way is to opt for ample practice tests to help increase your confidence while spelling important answers. 

Myth 3: Grammatical errors are overlooked 
Grammatical errors can dent your IELTS score substantially and are best avoided. Grammatical errors can be difficult to eliminate especially if you are not an English speaking native. But with due practice and apt understanding, the basic grammatical mistakes can be eliminated. For example, if the answer to a question is Magazine, writing the answer as Magazines may change the answer completely from one to multiple. Check out the practice tests listed here and how they have helped many students get rid of their grammatical errors by opting for multiple practice sessions. 

Myth 4: Keyword spotting strategy is not for everyone
Underline keywords before the audio plays is an advice you may have heard time and again. Still, many students overlook this master tip and walk right into the audio without having any idea of which areas to focus on. Try taking two tests, one with keywords underlined and one without, and you will be amused as to how easy the IELTS Listening answers can eventually become. 
Posted  August 26, 2019